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Shipping Policies:

For orders shipped outside Japan

Orders shipped outside Japan will be charged the total price in US Dollars.
Shipping and handling are set at a fixed rate of $39 per order, regardless of the number of artwork being ordered. Shipping and handling will be added to the total price upon checkout (on the PayPal screen).
Orders can be made with a major credit card or with your PayPal account. Your financial information is handled by PayPal and it will not be shared with us.
The artwork will be shipped in a heavy-duty shipping tube to ensure it will arrive in your home in perfect condition. We will ship up to 5 artworks per single tube. If ordering more than 5 artworks your order will be arrive in separate tubes at no additional charge.
Orders will be shipped in 5 business days upon receiving the order using a major private shipping company (i.e. UPS, FedEx, etc). As soon as the artwork is sent we will email you the tracking number.
Please make arrangement with your local art dealer to have the artwork framed according to your personal preference.

For orders shipped to Japan only:

Orders shipped inside Japan will be charged the total price in Japanese Yen.
Shipping, handling and framing cost are included in the price displayed in Japanese Yen.
The artworks will be glass framed and shipped fully framed to your home.
Payment accepted are:
Bank Transfer (Furikomi)
Post Office Transfer (Yubin Cyokin)

Toru Iwaya will contact you specifying the payment details and any special requirements you may have.
Upon clearing the funds, your order will be shipped in 10 business days. If you require a rush delivery we will do our best to accommodate you. Please include your request in the "Special requirements" section upon placing the order.