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Duo Exhibition / Duo Concert

From Nov 20th, 2013 to Nov 30th, there will be an exhibition of the artworks of Toru and Keiko Iwaya.
During this exhibition, on Nov 23rd (Saturday) there will be also a duo concert by Eiji Suzuki and Atsuko Sato.
Eiji Suzuki, the bassist of modern jazz, has played in Berlin for a long time, Sato Atsuko plays the harp and the Nohkan (Noh flute), she has played in London for a long time.
The concert will be held on Nov 23rd (Saturday) during the Labor Thanksgiving Day.
Toru Iwaya has chosen this day for the concert because he would line as many people as possible to enjoy the event.
The event starts at 6:00pm; entrance is free of charge, no reservation necessary.
Opening hours are from 10:30am until 6:00pm.

About the Gallery:
The gallery first opened on April 12th 2003 in Omachi (near Iwaki Station) Japan.
The owner, who died in 2012 at the age of 96, is also known for having taught to the Japanese conductor Ken-Ichiro Kobayashi before entering the Tokyo National University of the Arts.
One of the distinctive features of the gallery is that it features a hall that can accommodate up to 100 people.
The gallery has features famous artist, such as the sculptor Tadayoshi Sato.
The founder's daughter, Nakagawa Sunao, teaches the piano.
Right now, Nakagawa Sunao's husband continues to run the expositions.
Toru Iwaya has already done two exhibitions in Elicona, featuring 40 to 50 artworks each time.
The gallery gives courage to the residents because of their uninterrupted operation despite the difficult economy in light of the Fukushima disaster.

November 2013


Hira Omachi 10-3 Fukushima-ken Iwaki-shi, JAPAN 970-8026
TEL/FAX (0246)24-0004 10:30am 'til 6:00pm
(Closed on Monday)

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