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Exhibition at the Mugi Gallery in Saiyama City (Japan)

The next exhibition of Toru Iwaya is held in Sayama city in the Saitama Prefecture, Japan until March 18th 2012.

Saitama Prefecture is Known it's artists, and many of them have their exhibitions and galleries along the Seibu Shinjuku Train Line.

The gallery's owner, Umeji Kurihara, who comes from a farmer’s family, is an art student of Teruaki Saito who is a personal friend of Toru Iwaya.

Umeji Kurihara have decided to open the Mugi Art Gallery by advice of Mr. Saito and his wife Ayako Tashiro.

The Mugi Art Gallery has been so successful in it's seven years' history, that Toru's exhibition had to be booked two years in advance.

During the first day of opening, 80% of the people who visited at the gallery, were artists that wanted to see Iwaya's work.

Inside the gallery there’s also a coffee corner. They serve organic coffee, tea as well as small dishes of food grown locally the owner himself, who is an intellectual person and has a vast knowledge on many different topics.

At the gallery you'll have a chance to meet Toru Iwaya and to enjoy his mezzotints.

Toru will be personally available on March 8th, 10th, 11th and 18th to answer any questions you may have.

Entrance is free of charge.

March 2012

MUGI Gallery

Saiyama Shi, Shinsaiyama 2-9-11, JAPAN 350-1331
TEL/FAX (04)2954-7778 10:00am 'til 6:00pm
(Closed on Monday)

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